Mommy Makeover


Mommy Makeover


Click image to reserve a spot.  First 10 people will be accepted.


This program focuses on core strength and looks, and toning to get the body we had ore pregnancy, or you get years. Most women abdominal muscles are weaker after pregnancy, so they never get the ab strength back, or body. We also focus on how to have a good time, dressing to get youthful energy back.  So out going entertainment will be apart of the program. Things such as current attire and different hairstyles to Bring out each persons features.


We meet Friday evenings at 530pm as well as Saturday at 11am

Here are regular times

Mon noon, 5 AM, 530pm, 7pm
Tues  5AM 530PM, 630pm
Wed 530pm 7pm
Thur 5AM, 530pm 630pm
Sat 8AM, 10AM

New noon times on Tues Wed Thurs!


Location: 3190 S. Vaughn Way 

Aurora, Colorado 80013


We are located off of Parker Road and 225 near the Radisson hotel


Last Day to sign up is Sept 1st.

Start date is Sept 5th.  $25 down to reserve your spot.  First 10 people will become chosen.  Thereafter, $25 a week for 8 weeks.

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Join professionals to assist you in revealing the better and "True" you.  


Below are a few ladies results from recent challenges!